Concerts 2020

Small catalog with indication of place, date of concerts in which my works will be performed during the 2020 season. You can also consult the gallery of photos and videos to see more of them.

Gebr. Stark Musikverlag Leipzig GbR

Nathanaelstraße 7
04177 Leipzig
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Concert opening season 2020 of the
Argentine Association of Composers
Authors: Guillermo Zalcman, Marcelo Zanardo, Pablo Llamazares
Ezequiel Diz, Sergio García Murillo, Alfredo Rossi and Rossi
Édua Zádory | violín
José Luis Juri | piano
Usina del Artes-CABA

The musicians of the Augsburg Dillingen Orchestra and Philharmonic Association play works that could not be more different. The passionate romance in the piano trio of J. Brahms, the South American temperament in the tango of Ezequiel Diz and a fascinating musical journey through harmonies and rhythms in Stefan Schäfer’s “Owl” promise a varied evening.
Ludwig Hornung | violin viola
Kirsten Oppenauer | fiddle
Cornelia Ernst-Rauch | fiddle
René Corrêa | cello
Herbert Engstler | double bass

Schloss Höchstädt
– Rittersaal –
Herzogin-Anna-Straße 52
89420 Höchstädt a.d.Donau

Rosario Municipal Chamber Orchestra
Alexander Panizza | Piano
Carlos Brites | Address
World premiere of the Piano Concerto by Ezequiel Diz
Argentine Library 8 pm Rosario – Santa Fe

The Marga Marga Orchestra of Viña del Mar will hold its second Bridge 2020 Interoceanic Festival, which will feature composers from various parts of the globe, Japan, Holland, Kazakhstan, Australia, Chile, and will have Ezequiel Diz representing Argentina.