Quinteto de Tango

Tango Quintet

Violin, Piano, Bandoneón, Double Bass & Guitar

Although this training is mainly Argentine, nowadays it is increasingly branched and is part of the universal chamber music. We offer in this section the works for this quintet and in addition to some others that add various instruments to the classic tango quintet.



Tres Tangos (3 mov.)
(Tango Quintet, 2001)

Fragor Urbano
(Tango Quintet, 2001)

Suite Gotán (4 mov.)
(Tango Quintet, 2002 – 2004)

Ensueño Nº 1 Canción del Serrucho
(Quintet, Oboe & Saw, 2005)

Fantasía Tanguera Nº 6
(Tango Quintet, 2006)

Poema Lírico
¿Qué palabra hay? Poetry Hugo Diz
(Poetry, Singer & Harmonica, 2012)

Gymnopédie Nº 1 (Erik Satie)
(Tango Quintet & Saw, 2012)