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Ezequiel Diz and Numen Strings Quartet’s new album

Last album jointly produced between Numen string quartet and Ezequiel Diz. A sort of integral part of his works for this group, which also has two very special guests: Daniel Binelli on bandoneon and Fabián Contreras on bassoon.



Rosario has a Messi of music called Ezequiel Diz, is a monster of composition that is permanently required in Europe, I know him as a young man and I will always insist on admiring his talent and his musical wonders.

Víctor Hugo MoralesJournalist, speaker and writer

I love your book and I hope it is part of the teaching of modern harmony as soon as possible.

Arturo MárquezMexican composer

Great composer that with his own style expresses through his works the potentialities of our music of different aspects, transforming them into very elaborate academic works and harmonically very current.
Always his works are a very important challenge for any instrumentalist since he knows technically the instruments and their expressive possibilities very well.
But what excites me most is the warmth, joy and enthusiasm that is always reflected in the applause of the public when we play their works.

Elías GurevichViolinist

His works reflect Argentine music, they have a very interesting chamber music imprint due to their melodic and harmonic twists.
I predict a total success that this music will be projected over time, his person, his warmth, his way of expressing music is also reflected in his personality.

Daniel BinelliComposer, bandoneon and arranger