Nuevas Músicas Argentinas



1. Ginasterium. Concierto para marimba, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión: I. Nacimiento.
2. Ginasterium. Concierto para marimba, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión: II. Infancia.
3. Ginasterium. Concierto para marimba, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión: III. Malamberto.
4. Ginasterium. Concierto para marimba, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión: IV. Aurora.
5. Ginasterium. Concierto para marimba, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión: V. Ginasterium.
6. El cículo imaginado, para orquesta de cámara.
7. Concierto para cuerdas Nro. 1: I. Enérgico.
8. Concierto para cuerdas Nro. 1: II. Lento.
9. Concierto para cuerdas Nro. 1: III. Allegro.
10. Concierto para cuerdas Nro. 1: IV. Scherzo.
11. Concierto para cuerdas Nro. 1: V. Allegro.

Nuevas Músicas Argentinas

ARTIS Chamber Orchestra presents “NUEVAS MÚSICAS ARGENTINAS”, with works by composers Jorge Mockert, Guillo Espel and Ezequiel Diz, featuring Ángel Frette on marimba. The works composed for chamber orchestra and soloist are inspired by the melodic and rhythmic essence of the various musical aspects of Argentina.

Jorge Mockert (Paraná, Entre Ríos; 1958-2008): “Ginasterium” concert for marimba, string´s orchestra and percussion (2005). First recording. Soloist: Ángel Frette.
The work is a tribute to the great Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera and was dedicated to marimba soloist Ángel Frette who deploys a wide range of technical, rhythmic resources and nuances together with the percussion set and the string orchestra, merging the spirit of the popular music and the chamber orchestra.

Guillo Espel (Buenos Aires): “El Círculo Imaginado” for chamber orchestra (2021). Work commissioned by ARTIS Chamber Orchestra.
Guillo Espel says: “The imagined circle is intended to be a space of freedom, only inserted in an organised formal scheme, something which us composers can rarely dissociate ourselves from. I would invite to a free listening, to delve into the work with the same character with which I wrote it. However, a simple rondo form, which has explicit presence, gives a tripartite circularity and that is no stranger to the Western tradition of academic music writing. Perhaps not sought, the Circle then closes at its starting point.”

Ezequiel Diz (Rosario, Santa Fe): String Concerto No. 1 (2005).
Immersed within an aesthetic called chamber tango, Ezequiel Diz’s String Concerto No. 1 encompasses all the virtuosity of a concertante musical work, combining academic music features with those of contemporary tango.

It brings together prestigious musicians from our country and outstanding young people under the direction of Mtra. Marta Luna.
Their performances present consecrated works from the universal repertoire, new works by Argentine composers and special arrangements of popular music, with the participation of prominent soloists. Since his debut in the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón (1991) he has given numerous recitals, receiving warm praise from the public and critics.

MARTA LUNA – Directora de Orquesta
Graduated from the Higher Institute of Music of the “Universidad Nacional del Litoral” and the Higher Institute of Art of the “Teatro Colón”. She was trained in orchestra conducting with Pedro I. Calderón and Jean Fournet. She founded and directed the “Orquesta Da Camera” in the city of Santa Fe with which she developed an intense artistic and pedagogical activity.
Since 1991, she has directed “ARTIS – Chamber Orchestra” in the city of Buenos Aires, comprised of outstanding musicians from Argentina, with which she has performed at the “Teatro Colón”, “Salón Dorado del Teatro Colón”, “Teatro San Martín”, “Centro Cultural Recoleta”, “Teatro Municipal de Santa Fe”, among other important venues in Argentina.
As a guest conductor she has performed with the Argentine National Music Orchestra “Juan de Dios Filiberto”, the “Entre Ríos Symphony Orchestra”, the “Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra” (Mexico) and the “Avellaneda Municipal Symphony Orchestra”, performing zarzuela seasons at the “Teatro Avenida”, the “Teatro Argentino de La Plata” and the “Teatro Auditorio de Mar del Plata”, among other productions.
She served as a Chamber Music Professor at the Higher Institute of Music of the “Universidad Nacional del Litoral”. She is also the holder of the professorial chair of Chamber Music and Conducting Practice, at the “Astor Piazzolla” Higher Conservatory of Music of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.