March 21 | Buenos Aires | Usina del Arte

The Argentine Association of Composers will perform its opening concert of the 2020 season. On this occasion the Sonata by Ezequiel Diz will be heard among other works by local composers, it will be at the Usina del Arte, in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, on the 21st of March at 8 pm, with free admission.
Édua Zádory | violín
José Luis Juri | piano

Ezequiel Diz: Sonata para violín y piano
Guillermo Zalcman: Sonata N°2, op. 98, para violín y piano
Marcelo Zanardo: Peldaños y espejos, para violín y piano
Pablo Llamazares: 6 miniaturas para violín, op. 14
Sergio García Murillo: Proyecciones, para violín
Alfredo Rossi y Rossi (1920-2006): Sonata para violín y piano