Wednesday 29 | Streaming Face-Live 12 Hs | Orq. Marga Marga

Interview within the series “Beyond Borders” to the composer Ezequiel Diz.
Original idea and realization of the Marga Marga Orchestra of Viña del Mar – Chile
conductor and interviewer, Mtro. Luis José Recart

March 21 | Buenos Aires | Usina del Arte

The Argentine Association of Composers will perform its opening concert of the 2020 season. On this occasion the Sonata by Ezequiel Diz will be heard among other works by local composers, it will be at the Usina del Arte, in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, on the 21st of March at 8 pm, with free admission.
Édua Zádory | violín
José Luis Juri | piano

Ezequiel Diz: Sonata para violín y piano
Guillermo Zalcman: Sonata N°2, op. 98, para violín y piano
Marcelo Zanardo: Peldaños y espejos, para violín y piano
Pablo Llamazares: 6 miniaturas para violín, op. 14
Sergio García Murillo: Proyecciones, para violín
Alfredo Rossi y Rossi (1920-2006): Sonata para violín y piano

30-31 august | Chile | Orquesta Marga Marga

The renowned Marga Marga Orchestra of the Valparaíso region under the direction of José Luis Recart Echenique. He will premiere in Chile “Tres Tangos” by Ezequiel Diz. It will be twice, in Valparaíso on Friday 30 at the Naval Club (Condell 1586) and on Saturday 31 in Viña del Mar in the main hall of the Rioja Palace located on 214 Quillota Street.

July 25 | Stuttgart | Ensemble diX

July 25, 2019 | 19 Hs. (Stuttgart-Germany)
Ensemble diX in concert Contemporary Art Museum 50th anniversary of the death of the painter Otto dix.
Works by: Ezequiel Diz, Alfredo Casella, Arvo Pärt, Erwin Schulhoff and Olav Kröger.
Ensemble diX is a set of music from Gera, birthplace of the painter Otto Dix, and dedicated to the presentation of chamber music in unusual formats. We carry out an important project that consists of the commission of new works that articulate the pictorial work of Otto Dix with the musical composition. Ezequiel Diz, in the creation of a titled musical work like the inspiring painting, “The triumph of death”. This pictorial work is property of the Stuttgart Art Museum. This work together with others inspired by Dix paintings make up an impressive concert night in honor of Otto Dix.

Ensemble diX
Andreas Knoop – Flöte
Albrecht Pinquart – Oboe
Hendrik Schnöke – Klarinette
Roland Schulenburg – Fagott
Olav Kröger – Klavier
Thomas C. Zinke – Sprecher

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
Kleiner Schlossplatz 1,
70173 Stuttgart

Concert in Córdoba

The O.C.M.C. with the address of Mtro. Santiago Ruiz, will perform the play “Tres Tangos” by Ezequiel Diz

Ezequiel Diz + New Argentine Trio

The New Argentine Trio premiered the work of Ezequiel Diz

Polyiarmony at the Book Fair 2019

The book Poliarmonía de Ezequiel Diz will be presented at the Book Fair 2019 in Rosario

May 28 | Córdoba | UNC Symphony Orchestra

Culture of Extension invites the second Concert of the Symphonic Orchestra of the UNC
on Tuesday, May 28 at 8:30 pm in the Hall of the Americas of the Argentine Pavilion.

May 26 | Rosario | Nuevo Trío Argentino

The distinguished “New Argentine trio” integrated by Fernando Pérez, Elías Gurevich and Myriam Santucci premiered work of Ezequiel Diz in Rosario.

May 16 | Salta | Vento Quintet

VENTO Quintet in Concert
Cecilia Ulloque – Traverse Flute
Fabián Contreras – Bassoon
Claudio La Rocca – Corno
Dante Ottaviano – Clarinet
Sebastián Vallejo – Oboe