Fragor Urbano



1. Fragor Urbano
2. Fantasía Tanguera Nº 6
3. Poema Lírico. “Que me deje decir adiós”

Tres Tangos
4. I – Allegro Enérgico
5. II – Allegro Tangabile
6. III – Adagio-Allegro

7. Ensueño Nº1. “Canción del serrucho”

Suite Gotán (2003) Tribute to Eduardo Rovira
8. I – Fuga
9 II – Cantabile
1o III – Preludio
11 IV – Final

12 Gymnopedie Nº 1

Fragor Urbano

An integral album of my works for tango quintet. Most of them have been written more than 15 years ago, and some others a little more recent.

So although this recording would be my second album, from the point of view of the composition are a sample of my origins in this job.

The piece that gives name to the album Fragor Urbano, is dedicated to the people killed on December 19 and 20 of 2001 in Argentina. The Fantasía Tanguera Nº 6 (2009), belonging to a series made up of – with the exception of this one – works for chamber or symphonic orchestra.

With the special participation of the poet Hugo Diz we have written the lyric poem, Que me deje decir adiós , this being the most recent composition of the album (2012).

Then he continues a work of three movements entitled Tres Tangos, composed in the year 2000 and being part of the first works that I have made known professionally.

Ensueño Nº 1 (2005), a work dedicated to the great artist Salvador Trapani, in a special arrangement that has been part of the film El origen del pudor by filmmaker Diego Fidalgo, along with other works on this record.

Continuing we will listen to the Suite Gotán (2003) work of four movements dedicated to the great Argentine composer Eduardo Rovira.

Lastly – and as a gift – there is Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie, in a very singular adaptation, this being the only work that does not belong to me.

Fragor Urbano

This music, I think, intertwines in its body and shape, the sounds of my city (Rosario) with my academic background, and in its essence converge a set of mixed feelings, typical of large cities that combine misery and beauty, abundance and inequality, dyeing its aesthetics and chiseling its content.

Ezequiel Diz

The quintet was composed of:
Guillermo Copello | Violin.
Mariano Asato | Bandoneon.
Lucas Querini | Piano.
Julia Martínez | Double bass.
Ezequiel Diz | Guitar, Arrangements & composition

Guest musicians:
Franco Luciani, harmonica in Lyric Poem
Ethel Koffman, voice in Lyrical Poem
Dietlind Von Pobloski, violin in Lyric Poem
Salvador Trapani, Saw in Ensueño Nº1 and Gymnopedie Nº 1
Hernán Gastiaburo, Oboe in Ensueño Nº 1
Martín Marino, Double Bass in Tres Tangos, Fragor Urbano and Fantasía Tanguera Nº 6
Sebastián Jarúpkin, Bandoneon in Tres Tangos and Fragor Urbano
Damián Bincaz, classical guitar in Lyric Poem
Sebastián de la Vallina, cello in Gymnopedie Nº 1