Portada del disco Tangabile



1. Cuarteto de cuerdas: Tango
2. Cuarteto de cuerdas: Milonga
3. Cuarteto de cuerdas: Scherzo
4. Cuarteto de cuerdas: Fuga
5. Rhapsodia (Para cuarteto de cuerdas y fagot)
6. Fantasía tanguera Nº 2 (para cuarteto de cuerdas)
7. Fantasía tanguera Nº 10 (para cuarteto de cuerdas y bandoneón)


Last album jointly produced between Numen string quartet and Ezequiel Diz. A sort of integral part of his works for this group, which also has two very special guests: Daniel Binelli on bandoneon and Fabián Contreras on bassoon.

TANGABILE is a record work where Numen string quartet performs works by Ezequiel Diz. Within an aesthetic called Chamber Tango, contrasting sounds tinged with idiomatic gestures of contemporary tango are traversed, the same ones that are intertwined with the universality of classical music.

The outstanding figure of the bandoneonist and composer Daniel Binelli gives a very special coloration in Fantasía tanguera N ° 10, a work composed especially for the occasion. Similarly, Fabian Contreras Bassoon blends in with the strings in a piece of delicate moments, Rhapsodia.

The original quartet line-up shows its greatest virtuosity in the four movements of the Cuarteto de cuerdas, as well as in the dizzying and vibrant Fantasía tanguera N ° 2.

On the other hand – and as a kind of dialectical interaction between the arts – Enzo Ivkovich unique brush has created a “Selva floral”, painted and inspired by the music of the album.

Numen String quartet
Hernán Testa y  Carolina Lorenzo | Violines
Gustavo Raspo | Viola
Eugenia Menta  | Violonchelo

Guest artists:
Daniel Binelli | Bandoneón
Fabián Contreras | Bassoon

General production: Ezequiel Diz y Cuarteto Numen
Editing and Mixing: Néstor Alderete, Hernán Testa y Ezequiel Diz
Mastering: Néstor Alderete
Art: Enzo Ivkovich
Graphic design: Roxana Rainoldi